Restore Normalcy And Order To Your Home With Insurance Restoration Contractors In Tacoma

There are many unexpected and devastating events that can render your home uninhabitable. Fortunately, from fires to floods, we help with it all. At Construction Services, we’re proud to be among the most trusted insurance restoration contractors in Tacoma. We’ve been proudly serving the region since 1991. Read on to find out how we can restore normalcy and order to living space and give you peace of mind.

We regularly deal with insurance companies so that our clients can spend less time on the phone on more time taking care of their most essential, everyday activities. We’re skilled in handling the administrative side of things, but we’re also all about construction and restoration. If you need a reputable water damage restoration contractor, we’re the company to call. We expedite our services with rapid response times and timely scheduling so that our clients can sidestep secondary problems like mold, mildew, and compromised indoor air quality (IAQ).

You can count on us for water and fire damage repair services to. Whether responding to overflowing appliances, plumbing leaks, or for the cleanup of firefighting efforts, we have the skills, tools, and equipment for putting things aright. We know that ash, soot, and other leavings can be just as harmful to human health as fires themselves. We use industry-approved practices to restore all indoor areas to an acceptable standard while prioritizing safety.

We can remove all fire, smoke, and water damaged items, including carpeting, carpet padding, furnishings, and more. We use air movers, fans, heaters, and other equipment to eliminate all trapped pockets of water and ensure safety. Once the affected area is dry and ready for restoration, we’ll go over our work process so that you can get the results you want.

Our goal is to make things as easy and convenient as possible so that our clients can quickly get back on with their lives. Whether you’re recovering from a small kitchen fire, a whole-house electrical fire, or a major flood, you can count on us to return your living space back to its former aesthetic beauty and level of habitability. To find out more or to get started, get in touch with Construction Services today!